Violations Of Probation

If you are on probation for a felony or misdemeanor, the New York State Department of Probation controls a significant portion of your life. You are likely required to report to a Probation Officer on a weekly basis, you may have to have your home address continually verified and you may be subject to probation conditions, such as regular drug testing or educational requirements. The main reason for a violation of probation is usually rearrest. The NYS Department of Probation will, in most cases, claim that you have violated your probation and your probation status will be referred to a judge for a “violation of probation” hearing. If a judge finds that you have violated probation, you may be sentenced to the full maximum prison term associated with the underlying charge for which you were placed on probation.
If you know that a probation officer is going to refer your matter to a judge for a “violation of probation” hearing, it is important that you contact an experienced, qualified attorney to represent you. You have an extremely limited amount of time to provide a reason for a judge that you should remain free and should not be incarcerated. The Law Offices of Jeffrey L. Davis has represented many individuals who have been charged with a violation of probation. In many, situations, Mr. Davis has effectively kept clients from being incarcerated due to a violation, utilizing voluntary counseling, voluntary drug testing, voluntary school enrollment and other rehabilitation programs which are viewed favorably by the Department of Probation.
If you are currently facing a violation of probation, contact Mr. Davis immediately. The faster the better! Time is of the essence.