Grand Jury

After you have been arrested, charged with a “Felony” by the District Attorney and arraigned, your case will be normally assigned for presentation to the “Grand Jury”. The Grand Jury is a panel of citizens from the county where you were arrested who hear the basic facts of your case and determine whether the District Attorney has enough evidence against you to go forward. When the Grand Jury determines there is enough evidence, this is called a “true bill” and an “indictment.” Where the Grand Jury determines that the District Attorney does not have enough evidence to make out any of the charges, this is called a “no true bill” and it means that the District Attorney has failed to indict you and the case is over.
You have a right to offer testimony to the Grand Jury when the District Attorney is attempting to indict you on Felony charges. At your arraignment, a skilled attorney will preserve your right to testify at the Grand Jury. As well, after your arraignment, a skilled attorney will, with you, determine whether you should offer testimony at the Grand Jury, looking at the nature of the charges, your criminal history and the quality of the evidence in the possession of the District Attorney.
The Law Offices of Jeffrey L. Davis is prepared to effectively and cost-efficiently represent you at the Grand Jury and up to trial in defense of the charges against you, if necessary. Mr. Davis, a former Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney, has extensive experience representing those accused of felonies in the Grand Jury.