Drug Crimes

In New York Courts and in Federal Courts, drug possession, drug sale and other narcotics related crimes can be among the most serious crimes a person can be charged with. Many drug crimes have mandatory prison sentences even for first-time offenders.
In New York State, the drug laws that require minimum sentences are known as the “Rockefeller” Drug Laws. The “Rockefeller” Drug Laws can require Courts to impose extremely harsh sentences for even relatively small amounts of controlled substances. As well, the Federal Drug Laws have extremely harsh sentencing guidelines for possession and sale of narcotics and controlled substances.
For those charged with misdemeanor drug possession, felony drug possession and felony drug sale in New York State, the retention of an experienced criminal defense attorney is extremely important to the defense against the charges.  
At the arraignment, an effective criminal defense attorney can, in many cases, argue for lower bail than that requested by the District Attorney, and can, in many cases, successfully argue that the defendant should be “released on his or her own recognizance.” As well, if a defendant is charged with Felony Drug Possession or Felony Drug Sale, an experienced defense attorney can defend the defendant at the Grand Jury.
Finally, if your case goes to trial, you will need an effective attorney to diligently represent you on both direct and cross-examination. Having the right attorney can mean the difference between an “acquittal” and a “guilty” verdict.
If you have been charged with any drug or narcotics related offense, you need an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney who is not afraid to fight for your rights.  An attorney experienced in New York and Federal Drug Cases can fight to get you released on bail, bond or your own recognizance, fight to get the evidence against you suppressed, fight to get the charges against you dismissed and fight for an acquittal after trial.  
The Law Offices of Jeffrey L. Davis is prepared to effectively and cost-efficiently represent you at the Grand Jury and up to trial in defense of the drug-related charges against you.